Home Improvement Products: Window Glass and Ceramic Tile Water Repellent Coating
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Home Improvement Oriented Water Repellent
Window Glass and Ceramic Tile Coating

Nano Product -- nano coating metal for sell Tired of calcium deposits on windows or tiles? Present protective coating for glass is a specially formulated nanotechnology product with a long term self cleaning effect for glass and ceramic surfaces. It prevents the formation of calcium deposits.

Present coating creates a permanent and invisibly thin surface effect. The nanoparticles adhere directly to the molecules of the materials they are applied to and allow the surface to repell any dirt or water. After applying this coating on suitable surfaces in your home, the cleaning of glass and sanitation fixtures becomes a fast and even pleasant experience.


Note: Prices do not include tax, shipping and handling.
Large orders receive a big dealer discount.

Price in Euro
purchase units
250 ml

5000 ml

Home Improvement Water Repellent Window Glass and Ceramic Tile Coating


  • Long-term protection against dirt and moisture
  • Easy to clean!

When stored, avoid exposure to direct sunlight and high temparatures.

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