Home and Garden Improvement Products: Water And Dirt Repellent Nano Coating
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Nanotechnology Wholesale Home and Garden Improvement Products

garden home house, automative nanotechnology improvment For in house and garden we have coatings for: building glass, sanitary fittings, textile, floors and walls, garden furniture and wood and stone.
Nano Product -- nano coating Self-cleaning for glass and ceramic for sell
Window Glass And Ceramic Tile Coating
After application cleaning glass and sanitary fittings becomes a fast, pleasant experience.
Nano Product -- nano coating metal for sell
Water And Dirt Repellent Metal Coating
This coating has a water and dirt repellent effect on any metal surface , making it really easy to clean.
Nano Product -- nano coating metal for sell
Water And Dirt Repellent Wood & Stone Coating
A water-based coating with a water-repellent effect. Ideally suited for porous materials in your garden.
Nano Product -- nano coating plastic for sell
Anti Fog Water Repellent Product
Anti Fog leaves an ultra thin coating preventing condensation from forming. Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.
Nano Product -- nano coating textile for sell
Water Repellent Nanotech Product
For Textile

Thanks to its ultra-thin water-repellent layer, dirt can no longer penetrate into the fibres of upholstery.
Water Repellent nanoparticles nanotechnology use
Multi Cleaner

Ideal cleaner for use as a preparation for virtually all coatings. Not for porous materials.

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