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Nanotechnology Presentations

Presentations about nanotechnology are being given daily at public and private meetings around the world. We collect them here so that the messages of these presentations may reach far wider audiences yet. Enjoy them for your education, information and updating.

Unless explicitly indicated otherwise, all presentations posted here are the copyrighted property of their makers and/or the organizations their makers may be speaking for.

Perusal of Presentations

If you would like to peruse any of the materials from these presentations, you need to ask permission to do so from their makers/owners. You can approach them directly if you have such access to them. If not, you can ask them via us by e-mail.

Submit Your Presentation

Want to offer your presentation to the audience of the Nano Acceleration Network? Please submit it here. Note: If you can -or are willing- to provide your presentation with audio narration (or video footage, in case you have it), or add related linear or interactive multimedia materials to them, please contact us here so we can make it happen together.

Speakers Wanted?

Looking for one or more suitable speakers to make presentations at a particular event or meeting? The Nano Acceleration Network also works as a nanotech-focused speaker's bureau. Get in touch with us here to discuss your need and how we may help you meet it. Note that in most cases, the speakers will expect that you(r organization) will take care of at least all expenses for any needed travel and accommodation. In most cases, they will also expect some compensation for their time and effort too.

Presentation Production Assistance

Need professional help with making and/or giving an engaging, compelling, captivating, fascinating, engrossing, persuasive presentation on nanotechnology? Would you like this professional help to be experienced in both presentation-production as well as nanotech itself? Get in touch with us here so that we can discuss helping you with just that.



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