Antibacterial Water-resistant Nanotech Paint With Silver
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Nano Product: Antibacterial Water-resistant Nanotech Paint With Silver

Nano Product -- Antibacterial Waterproof White Nanotech Paint With Silver Bright-white, matte water emulsion paint protects premises from pathogenic bacteria. It forms a bactericidal layer with a wide protection spectrum. Excellent antibacterial protection for hospitals, kindergardens, shops and homes. Includes silver nanoparticles as the antibacterial component.

This paint has been tested on different types of pathogenic bacteria: salmonella, staphylococcus etc. Test results showed that on surfaces covered by the paint, the concentration of bacteria decreased by 0,5 - 2 orders, with complete bacterial destruction occuring within 2 hours.


Note: Prices do not include tax, shipping and handling. Large orders receive a big dealer discount.

Price in Euro
purchase units
50 kg


  • Silver nanoparticles exterminate bacteria
  • Does not become yellow with time
  • No toxic additives
  • No smell

Apply to dry and clean surfaces. Get rid of pollution and layered substances, if any. Carefully mix paint and use a brush, platen or spray-gun. To thin the paint add water. The water amount should not exceed 10% of the paint. One can turn it into different colors by mixing in regular colors.

  • Thinner: water
  • 1 liter covers 6-7 m2
  • Drying time: 2 hours

Storage period: 12 months at temperatures above 0. Keep in a tightly closed container. Do not apply at temperatures above 50 C. Present product is patent protected and certified.

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