Automotive Product: Nano Repairing And Restoration Compound.
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Nano Repair & Restoration Compound

Nano Product -- Repairing And Restoration Compound Anti-wear anti-friction repair & restoration compound for repairing cars or other equipment with moving parts subject to friction.


Note: Prices do not include TAX, shipping and handling.
Large orders receive a big dealer discount.

Price in Euro
purchase units
100 ml


  • Repair costs 2-3 times lower compared with regular technologies.
  • Equipment is repaired on site and even while running -- no special premises or spare-parts needed.
  • RRC-technology enables using planned preventive maintenance instead of planned repair resulting in a significant increase (2-3 times) of up time of equipment.
  • RRC-coatings applied to surfaces subject to friction reduces electric power and fuel consumption by 10-20 %, sometimes even more
  • Recuced volume of smoke and toxicity of gases by 70-80%
  • Reduced vibration and noise

When stored, avoid exposure to direct sunlight and high temparatures.

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